The Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training Course Description

Introduction, Step One


Parenting can be confusing and frustrating, that’s why we teach you a practical process to “LoveandTeach” your children so they will feel loved, loving, and responsible.

These happy children are cooperative, confident, and creative.


Portrait of Liz Hale PhD

This is information that every parent needs now...

I have been a psychologist for 20 years, and in that time I have watched parenting become a rapidly increasing challenge for parents. Especially with the explosion of the Internet and electronic devices, children are bombarded all day with messages that their parents are not aware of. But parents still have to raise children to be happy and responsible in a world that is powerfully distracting them from that path.

What can we do? I can’t recommend highly enough the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training by Greg Baer. You’ll begin with 45 hours of video training, followed by the most extensive follow-up I’ve ever seen. Your children are worth it. They need you to be on top of loving them and teaching them the essentials of a happy life. This is information that every parent needs—right now.

Liz Hale, PhD.  //  Salt Lake City UT

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Like a lighthouse in a raging storm...

I have read a lot of books, listened to a lot of people and gone through a ton of trial and error experiences in my life, as I have tried to gain knowledge and wisdom. But in the case of my son, I was lucky enough to realize and admit to myself, that I did not have enough experience or knowledge to overcome my latest challenge. Our family was having a crisis at home. If I didn't do something quickly, we risked losing our son. Literally. There was no room or time for trial and error when it came to our little boy (6'4", 250lbs).

So I turned to the Internet. And like a lighthouse in a raging storm, Greg's Real Love Parenting website came shining through the whipping rain and turbulent seas. I signed up to watch his free videos and within what seemed like mere minutes, I had a personal email from him. He radiated warmth, love, and caring in a way that I've never felt through a simple digital interaction with anyone else in so short a time span.


LUCAS KANDIA  //  Canada

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FREE LESSON, CHAPTER ZERO: 1 hour, 25 minutes

How to STOP All Whining and HEAL All Wounds

  • Do you want to be a real parent or control a behavior?
  • Parenting is lovingandteaching, which I will be modeling for you. I will stay with you while you learn how to be an effective parent. You won't be doing this alone.
  • How to implement “no whining” and how that relates to all behaviors.
  • The key to parenting is YOU being loving, and YOU being consistent. Real Love defined.
  • All unproductive behaviors come from the “I don’t love you” wound.
  • Whining is related to all the other behaviors.
  • Children continue behaviors only if they are rewarded for them.
  • How you can feel loved, be loving, responsible = happiness
CHAPTER ONE: 5 hours, 35 minutes

The Need for Real Love, and Living Without It

  • You don’t know how to love your children unconditionally because you were not taught how.
  • Learning how to parent is the most important job in the world, and quite a journey. Let's get started.
  • The most powerful and lasting experiences of life are during early childhood. That applies to you, too.
  • Example of mother, Amanda, responding to two arguing children.
  • You’re missing the root source of all childhood problems.
  • You must interpret what children need from their behavior, not words—drowning metaphor.
  • The moment we’re irritated, children hear only “I don’t love you”
  • The “I don’t love you wound” causes all other problems, including Post-Childhood Stress Disorder
  • You can learn to love and help your children.
  • You can learn to make real choices instead of just reacting. 
CHAPTER TWO: 4 hours, 30 minutes

How To Find Real Love

  • You have to find love before giving it, and we can’t love ourselves.
  • You were TAUGHT who you are and how the world is, and often it was wrong.
  • You were loved less when you didn’t behave in ways other people didn’t like.
  • You MUST find love, and learn how to receive it and love others unconditionally: (1) Original unlovable message was wrong; (2) remember times you have felt loved; (3) remember a divine love; (4) I love you; (5) find love from others.
  • Truth-seen-accepted-loved
  • Where do you find love? (1) Usually not present friends; (2) rarely family; (3) never children; (4) from others.
  • What are the usual reactions to truth telling? Confusion, argument, interest.
  • Examples of telling the truth about yourself to other people.
  • Many resources for finding love in and
  • Getting & Protecting Behaviors
  • Example of stopping conflict with love
  • Three Primary Responsibilities of a Parent
  • Epigenetics
CHAPTER THREE: 4 hours, 40 minutes

How We Behave without Real Love

  • It is unavoidable that your children suffer as you parent without Real Love.
  • Your inability to parent with Real Love is NOT your fault.
  • But it is your responsibility to change what you do now with what you learn.
  • You can learn to understand the meaning of your children’s behavior, and as you see their pain, your impatience and anger transform into compassion.
  • Lack of love leads to pain, which demonstrates as emptiness and fear, and then follow all the Getting and Protecting Behaviors, which combine to explain all your children’s behaviors.
  • Children use Getting and Protecting Behaviors to find the Imitation Love that replaces Real Love. They MUST medicate their pain.
  • Whining and anger show the relationship between pain, Getting and Protecting Behaviors, and Imitation Love.
  • By finding Real Love, and changing the judgments in your life, you can eliminate the Getting and Protecting Behaviors that plague you and your children.
CHAPTER FOUR: 4 hours, 20 minutes

The Cause of All Unhappy Behaviors

  • All childhood problems are rooted in pain, and then they respond predictably.
  • Cutting benefits: expresses pain physically, decreases confusion, distracts, feel alive, illusion power, attention, self-blame, anger, cry help
  • Relation of cutting to Getting & Protecting Behaviors, the power of understanding.
  • Lack of responsibility, withdrawal/depression (responsibility related to all 7).
  • Addictions to screens: phones, video games
  • No love ➝ Pain ➝ Decrease pain ➝ Addiction
  • Addictions to alcohol, drugs, porn
  • Adult children at home
CHAPTER FIVE: 3 hours, 15 minutes

No More Anger

  • You promised yourself to make your children happy, and yet you get angry at them.
  • Anger = “I don’t love you” and always hurts them.
  • Every time you’re angry, you’re wrong, so You Will Never Express Anger at a Child.
  • You get angry at your children because you expect them to love you, which they can’t.
  • No one ever makes you angry. It’s a choice you make and one you can learn not to make.
  • Five Ways to Respond to Anger
  • Examples of lovingandteaching your children without anger.
CHAPTER SIX: 3 hours, 30 minutes

First Truth Telling

  • The reasons to tell the truth about yourself to your children.
  • Example of The First Loving and Teaching, which begins to change everything.
  • How to continue with loving and teaching after the First Truth Telling.
  • How to change your judgments, which changes everything else.
  • Examples of changing the lies you tell your children.
CHAPTER SEVEN: 8 hours, 35 minutes

LovingandTeaching, Part 1

  • Loving and teaching is your JOB. It gives children the power to choose love and happiness, not react pain.
  • The primary goal of family is happiness, so all behaviors interfering with that must be eliminated.
  • You must stop all wounding with NO tolerance for anger, whining, teasing, lying, withdrawal.
  • Many examples of how to deal with wounding behaviors.
  • Practical examples of how to loveandteach a child. How to really listen.
  • Teaching children who they are, and how to choose the use of their gifts.
  • The effects of praise and criticism, positive feedback vs praise.
  • The use of consequences, bedtime.

More LovingandTeaching, Part 2

  • Screen addiction: its utter devastation, and how we can respond to it in children.
  • Video games (same): harmful effects and how you can help your children.
  • The Age of Entitlement: how it happened, effects on everything else, and treatment.
  • ADHD. Over-diagnosis, characteristics are the same as response to pain; treatment without meds.
  • How to love your children—what it looks like.
  • Responsibility. Why your children lack it, and how to teach it.
  • Addictions to alcohol, drugs, porn, early sex, and how to loveandteach children.

LovingandTeaching, Part 3

  • The seduction of praise, and how it—and every other Imitation of love—fails us.
  • Examples of loving, teaching, and consequences.
  • How we give up on treating pain and just withdraw: depression, suicide, self-harming.
  • Positive consequences
  • Teaching your children how to be who they really are.
  • Learning to judge yourself and your children differently.
  • Joy

Member Resources

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Access to Greg

In addition to the care and attention you'll be getting from Greg in the resources listed below, Greg is as accommodating as his schedule will allow to help you personally as you go through the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training. He may choose to speak to you directly, or answer your question on one of the listed resources, but you WILL get a response.

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Weekly Conference Call Archives

All the weekly conference calls with Greg Baer, from 2019 through 2021 have been archived. YOU will learn from parents who have the same concerns you do as Greg answers  them. Learn how to apply Real Love principles to individual situations or children. Listen to any of the recorded calls at your convenience.

Video Answers

Every week you will receive a video of Greg answering a question sent to him by one or more members.

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Written Parenting Principles

Every week, you will receive a newsletter, with a written answer from Greg to a question or about a parenting principle, along with updates about what’s happening and what’s being offered to support parents.

Index and Archives

All conference calls, written answers, and video answers will be INDEXED and archived, and searchable in a master index, much like is found on Effectively all this material becomes an ever-increasing expansion of the library of parenting training that began with the original 45 hours of the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training.

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Support Groups

Parents will be taught how to form their own support groups, on Skype, Facebook, and other platforms.