Ridiculously Effective Parent Training Survey Results

Customer satisfaction surveys and market research surveys often have response rates in the 5% (no reward offered for completing survey) - 30% range.

Questions asked:

You have the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training, found on RealLoveParents.com.

After your experience with the Training, did you:

  1. Feel more confidence as an individual, as a partner, or as a parent?
  2. Notice any less whining, complaining, anger, fear, or addictive behaviors in yourself or your children?
  3. Did you complete the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training?

There was a 53% response rate within 3 days.

Responses to the above questions:

  1. 98%
  2. 97%
  3. 68% (completed REPT, unbelievable)

Of those who completed the training, 50% VOLUNTEERED that they were repeating it, or had completed it 2-5 times.

Samples of responses volunteered by respondents (no request was made by us for any comments):


Yes, absolutely. I feel equipped with effective tools to love my children and help them achieve their potential. And my marriage is blossoming as I learn the power of freely giving.

Autumn Thomas // Kaysville, UT

At first, I felt like I was Walking on eggshells. I didn't want to hurt my children anymore, I quickly learned making mistakes is how I was going to learn. I knew I had found the truth and the missing piece I had been searching for SO long, but I still had (have) so much to learn! So, as I keep listening and learning, feeling loved, and latching onto the truth, my confidence continues to increase! I see miracles happen every day- I'm healing and my dream of my family healing is coming true so, YES, A LOT, more confidence.

Monica McBride // New York, NY

I've gone thru a ton of trial and error experiences. But in the case of my son, I was luckily able to see and admit to myself, that my wife and I did not have enough experience or knowledge to overcome this challenge. We were having a crisis at home. If we didn't do something quickly, we risked losing my son. Literally. There was no room or time for trial and error when it came to my little boy (6'4", 250 lbs).

So I turned to the Internet. And like a lighthouse in a raging storm, Greg's Real Love Parenting website came shining through the whipping rain and turbulent seas. I signed up to watch his free videos and within what seemed like mere minutes, I had a personal email from him. He radiated warmth, love, and caring in a way that I've never felt through a simple digital interaction with anyone else in so short a time span.

The Parenting Training was the best use of money I’ve ever made in six decades. Greg's words and his own experience with his own children, and that of hundreds of other children, gave legitimacy to what we were experiencing with our own son. So we tried everything exactly as he suggested. And it worked. There was something missing in our lives. Greg showed us what it was. And we will forever be grateful.

Our son is growing and thriving. We thank the stars that Greg came into our lives.

Luke Brown // Winnipeg, CA

Big yes! Especially as a parent, I notice how I enjoy a lot more with just me and the children. I prefer now to take care of them by myself instead of asking for help.

As an individual, knowing that I have choices, and I am loved is helping me be happier and less to have negative emotions or at least less time to get out of it.

Still working on it as a partner but feel more confident that I can love my husband even if he does not love me back.

Tina Lee // Singapore

As I studied the Parent Training, I began to feel Christ's love for me for the first time in my life. Standing on that rock, everything began to change - how I felt about myself, my husband, my children, and the world. I am delighted that I am able to impart that love to my children especially, and help them avoid so many of life's pitfalls. They have overcome addictions to phones and to whining and to being angry and afraid. I see them base their lives on true values now, like honesty, kindness, and faith. We are able to practice this with each other in the daily nitty-gritty of our lives and it has transformed how we feel about each other. We feel a closeness now like never before, we trust each other, and we enjoy each other's company.

When I signed up for this parent training, I was hoping for a way out of a family situation that felt like a battlefield. I got so much more than that. Not only did the fighting stop, but we are actually building happy lives. I am grateful beyond words.

Kathy Campbell // Sacramento, CA

The Parenting Training has saved my life!!

Randy Kelly // Scarsdale, NY

I’m making strides in my marriage that I would never have thought possible. I have a confidence I never had before. I feel like a new person. 

Maria Sato // Japan


No question. These behaviors still crop up, but now I understand how to help my kids (and myself) recognize them and why they don't work. The more loved they (and I) feel, and the more loving choices they know, the less I'm seeing of these behaviors.

Sandra Billings // Columbus, OH

Yes! As I feel more loved, and act in faith, I'm getting more confident, so now I'm able to love and teach my children how to not whine, complain, where anger comes from, fear (what I taught them), and addictive behaviors. We are still working on all of them, BUT we are all happier and I I know the best is yet to come.

Mark Hampton // Minneapolis, MN

Definitely. Children still whine from time to time, but it is a lot less than before and also it stops much faster. Sometimes I just have to point out and ask if whining is ok to my son and he will say no and stop.

Sydney Adams // Bellevue, WA

I notice a huge difference in my children's behaviors. The whining and anger are almost gone—can you believe it?—and they have become more responsible and more loving. They’re both becoming very happy, peaceful, unafraid, and responsible, and many other people are noticing that they are quite different from other children. I no longer believe in "the terrible twos or threes". It's all about "the terrible parents."

Amanda Stead // Lehi, UT


Yep, we'll finish our fourth time through tomorrow morning and start it again the very next day. I think we'll watch 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week for the rest of our lives.

Yes, I have watched it twice.

Yes, and then I started over. I'm learning more and more every day. Listening to Greg brings peace, calmness, and love into our home (or car)- into our family. We are committed to this. It would be pretty stupid not to be.

You can do this, so let's get started.

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