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Do You Have a Child Who Is:

Young teen addicted to video games.

Addicted to Video Games

Irresponsible child shrugging his shoulders.


Teen girl with phone addiction ignoring her mother.

Addicted to Their Phone

Child failing in school.

Failing School

Teen girl drinking a bottle of alcohol, sitting on the floor.

Drinking Too Much

Teenage boy watching porn on his phone at night.

Addicted to or Using Porn

Teen girl suffering from anxiety and stress.

Anxious and Stressed 

Angry child

Angry and Impossible

Brothers fighting.

Fighting with Siblings

2 children making a drug exchange.

Using or Addicted to Drugs

Teenager holding a noose, about to hand herself.


Teen lacks confidence, covers his face with his hand.

Lacks Confidence

Teen girl anxiously reaching for her phone.

Can't Live Without Phone

Boy with pill on his tongue.

Treat ADHD without Meds

LIttle girl whimpering.


Depressed Child sitting sadly on a bench, head bowed.

Shy & Can't Make Friends Easily

Very skinny young woman with her wrists tied together with a measuring tape, suffering from an eating disorder.

Suffering from an Eating Disorder

Young boy addicted to electronic devices.

Addicted to Electronic Devices

Depressed girl sitting on the ground outside.


children arguing over a tablet.

Arguing with Siblings

Boy you lacks self-esteem leaning against the window frame, head down.

Lacks Self-Esteem

Alcoholic teen in a bar drinking.


Teen holding drugs, vodka and a lit cigarette, showing a drug addict.

Drug Addict

Boy addicted to gaming, refuses to read a book.

Addicted to gaming

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