The Law of Happiness

July 18, 2019

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The Law of Happiness and the Law of the Harvest

If we plant healthy seeds in good soil and properly care for them, they will grow. The harvest is then determined by the kind of seeds that are planted. To be specific, if we plant corn and take care of it, we can plan on picking corn at the end of the season. If we plant corn, we won’t be picking apples. This is the law of the harvest, which is unchangeable. It declares that we reap what we sow.

The Law of Happiness works no differently. It also declares that we reap what we sow. If we feel loved, and if we are loving and responsible, we will be happy. Our goal as parents is to help our children develop these qualities, which will guarantee them the happiness they want.

The Law of Happiness is About Choices

The houses in which we live were built brick by brick, board by board, nail by nail. Similarly, the lives we now lead are actually the result of countless single choices we have been making over periods of many years, even decades.

Although people like to talk about the “grayness” and fuzziness of decisions we make, each decision really is either black or white. Each choice is between:

Telling the truth and lying

Loving and being selfish

Feeling loved and being afraid

Responsibility and acting like a victim

Freedom and captivity

Faith and Getting and Protecting Behaviors

Life and death

If we choose wisely, happiness is a guarantee. If we choose poorly, we should not be surprised when we are miserable.

Our Happiness Depends on How We Live the Law of Happiness

The degree of our happiness is a natural consequence of laws as unchanging as the laws of physics, like gravity. You may jump off a cliff any time you wish, but you WILL experience the consequences of the law of gravity. You will die on the rocks below. In a similar way, the Laws of Happiness always exact a price for the choices you make. The

If you make unloving decisions, you CANNOT be happy, any more than you can fly if you jump off a cliff. Every day I talk to people who want to be selfish, angry, and manipulative, all the while denying their behavior. And while making these choices, they want to be happy, usually by controlling the responses of others. Impossible.

If we wish to be happy, we must learn the laws that govern happiness. We must be truthful, find love, and share it with others. As we make these choices, the Laws of Happiness will guarantee the peace and emotional rewards we seek.

If we wish our children to be happy, we must teach them the laws that govern happiness. We must love and teach them, sometimes applying consequences when appropriate.



Children need to be taught to be accountable, responsible, and loving which will guarantee them the happiness they want.


If we choose wisely, happiness is a guarantee. If we choose poorly, we should not be surprised when we are miserable.


The Law of Happiness is as constant and unchanging as the Law of Gravity.

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